Funnel webs ©Bart Librecht

Funnel webs

Funnel webs are horizontal webs that look a bit like a mat. At the back there is a funnel-shaped retreat in which the spider hides. If a prey gets stuck on the web, the spider rushes out and drags the prey into the funnel where it gets eaten. These webs are often made in a corner and can be very large and noticeable. The best known funnel webs are those of the house spiders, you can often see these webs in the corner of the garage, garden shed, basement, etc.
The Labyrinth spider, which is related to the house spiders, adds something extra to its funnel web. Vertical threads allowing for also flying insects to get caught. They fly against the threads and fall on the web. You can see these webs in the summer on low vegetation, often in large numbers!

• Flat web
• Looks like a mat
• With funnel-shaped shelter
• House spiders (Agelenidae)