Bovenzijde vrouwtje ©Pierre Oger

Spring hammock spider

Spring hammock spider (Neriene montana)

Web: Often fairly large and robust sheet web. Most related species can be found hanging underneath the sheet part of the web, however, the Spring hammock spider can most often be found in a retreat (crevice, behind bark,…). The silk is more dens, closer to the retreat. 

Habitat: Shaded areas, often against “dense” structures (hollow log, pile of branches, wall), less in “green” vegetation.

How to recognize:

  • clearly annulated legs
  • typical dark drawing on back of abdomen
  • bigger than the other Neriene species.

Looks similar to:

  • upon close inspection not really to be confused with other species.


♀: 5-8mm

♂: 4-7mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: April till June