Female ©Bert Pijs

Fleecy jumping spider

Know more?

Jumping spiders have excellent vision. They use it, not only to localize prey, but also to seduce females. The males often have very striking colours and make rhythmic movements during courtship. It actually looks like they are dancing. The Fleecy jumping spider sometimes doesn’t seem to be afraid of humans. It can get very close and even walk on your hands.

Fleecy jumping spider (Pseudeuophrys lanigera)

Web: Jumping spiders don’t make catching webs, but use their large and well developed eyes to spot their prey from far away, sneak closer and pounce it with their short and strong legs.

Habitat: almost exclusively on buildings: on walls, roofs, fences, is frequently found inside.

How to recognize:

  • short, compact spider
  • cephalothorax black, with characteristic triangle of white hairs
  • abdomen dark with lighter mid band.

Looks similar to:

  • Hypositticus pubescens and both are often found in the same habitat. The Fleecy jumping spider has on the cephalothorax a light triangle while Hypositticus pubescens has spots.


♀: 4-6 mm

♂: 4-5 mm


♀: indoor: throughout the year, outdoor: peak May till July

♂: indoor: throughout the year, outdoor: peak May till July