Dorsal view of female with shed skin (exuvium) ©Richard Louvigny

Cardinal spider

Know more?

Legs of adult males can reach 7 cm. This makes the Cardinal spider the species with the largest “leg span” of all Belgian spiders!

Cardinal spider (Tegenaria parietina)

Web: Typical funnel web with a funnel-shaped retreat, often more “layered” than the web of the Cardinal spider and Barn funnel weaver.

Habitat: In and around buildings, sometimes in drier, less sheltered and sunny locations. Almost always close to buildings.

How to recognize:

  • typical light drawing on top of the abdomen (two light oval spots stand out) and a dark coloured drawing on cephalothorax (with three dark spots on the sides)
  • legs darkly annulated (less obvious in older spiders and often almost completely lost in adult males.

Looks similar to:

  • Charcoal spider (Tegenaria ferruginea). This species has a more delineated drawing (also on the legs), is much smaller and has proportionally shorter legs. The Charcoal spider is more often found in forests and less in houses.


♀: 11-20mm

♂: 10-17mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: August till October