Dorsal view female ©Bart Lutin-Smet

Spiny false wolf spider

Know more?

The Spiny false wolf spider is originally a Mediterranean species that expands its range towards the north. Unintended introductions (such as hiding in holiday luggage or in shipment containers) have almost certainly played a role in this.

Zoropsid spiders (Zoropsidae)


Spiny false wolf spider (Zoropsis spinimana)

Web: The Spiny false wolf spiders doesn’t make a web, but is an active and visual hunter.  

Habitat: Mainly in and around houses. In Southern-Europe underneath stones, bark. Hunts at night.

How to recognize:

  • large spider
  • yellow brown to grey brown colour
  • abdomen with black cardiac mark that looks constricted
  • cephalothorax with complex and light markings
  • annulated legs

Looks similar to:

  • looks at first sight like a large wolf spider. However, large wolf spiders will almost never be found in or near houses..


♀: 10-19 mm

♂: 10-13 mm


♀: throughout the year

♂: throughout the year